About Us


• It is a common cause that our society will continue to be plagued by crises, and will never be able to come even close to removing the unexpected unless they are led decisively. • AIDL Conference is aimed at providing a platform that will be uniting businesses, organisations, institutions and government for exchanging and upgrading their knowledge in different fields of leadership to therefore lead the continent with conviction. • Every year credible and assertive speakers who are specialising in the Leadership fields will be gathered which will annually deliberate on Decisive Leadership within the specified topics. • Topics will vary from Leadership, Policy Making and Implementation, Economic Growth, Climate Change, Poverty Reduction, Governance, Revolved Religion, Sustainable Development, International Relations, Continental Elections to any topic that might be a burning issues to our societies within the continent during each year. .


To create a perfect forum for leaders to observe, debate and discuss leadership elements while gaining feedback on their own ideas, thoughts and any other leadership challenges.


To connect and network with other leaders with an objective to create new businesses that can contribute to world economic growth.

2019 Theme: “Decide~Act~Lead”

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